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Yoga brought me out of a very unhealthy lifestyle. Living in London as a violin student, my life was sedentary and stressful. The lack of physical activity and a very poor diet were starting to take their toll. My body needed a transformation, and from the first yoga class I attended I knew that it would be the practice that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

In 2008 I moved to Michigan, USA, to continue my studies, and I went deeper into my practice and knowledge of Yoga. I practiced Ashtanga and Hatha Vinyasa with Justin Barnes and Jen Hayes. The values and benefits of Yoga were slowly integrating in every aspect of my life: my relationships, my studies, my profession and my inner world.

After travelling through North and Central America I came back to Barcelona, my hometown, and decided to do the 200h Teacher Training with Amelie Strecker in Yogaroom Barcelona. Since 2013 I combine my career as a violinist with teaching Yoga in several studios in Barcelona as well as organizing retreats and workshops. In 2014 I started Yoga in Tune, a project that brings yoga to musicians and artists.

In the last few years, my life has been influenced by the emerging culture of transformational festivals such as Burning Man and Nowhere. In these events I have learnt to take my yoga practice outside of the mat, rediscovering the wildest and most creative part of myself. In 2015 we create NowHere Yoga, a project where the practice of yoga and the essence of the Burn culture unite to create a multidimensional experience.

I thank and bow to my teachers Amelie Strecker, Simon Borg-Olivier, Jen Hayes, Christopher Venetis, Justin Barnes for sharing their wisdom and inspiring me.

My classes are dynamic and energetic, finding challenge in a conscious way respecting the body’s needs. Emphasizing the coordination of movement and breath we aim to find a constant flow that becomes a moving meditation.



1. Why Yoga?

Because after the years it keeps surprising me after each practice.Yoga shows me where I am at, without filters, like a mirror.

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:

Wake up at dawn, burn some palosanto and enjoy those first hours of silence with a good practice. Then prepare a good smoothie with lots of spinach while dancing to morning reggae. Feel the sun-warmed tiles of the terrace under my bare feet. Find the balance between silence and good conversations. Smile a lot! Come to the evening feeling happily tired and let myself melt into the bed.

3. The Garage is…

A blank canvas where everything is possible. It will soon be known as “the little gem of Poble Sec”.

4. What would you like students at the Garage to take with them after your class?

Silence, calmness and clarity to spread around the city

5. Your mantra of the moment:

“If something works, keep doing it!”