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Our Yin Yoga teacher was born in Germany . Her passion for travel and nature have turned her into a world citizen who has taken her practice with her all over the planet.

A certified Yoga teacher, Katy shares her sweetest and most dedicated side with us thru Yin Yoga classes. Her sessions are a true voyage within , sustained by her knowledge and serenity.

It is a real pleasure to have you on board, Katy!

1.Why Yoga?

Because it connects me with my own essence and has helped me a lot to find my personal and professional path.

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:

A nice Yoga practice followed by a great natural juice in the morning, many laughters, a trip into the mountains and a lovely vegetarian meal with my loved ones to finish the day.

3. Teaching class is…

Connecting, breathing, experimenting, feeling and observing together with my students.

4. What would you like the people in your class to take home with them?

To me, Yoga is not just a physical practice. The asanas (postures) are one Yogas tools (like breathing and meditation) that help us to achieve what Yoga truly means:

connecting with oneself, self knowledge, self awareness and consciousness towards what is around you (nature, realtionships,… ) , balance and happiness…

That´s what I would like my students to take home .

5. Your mantra of the moment:

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

In these times of difficulty for many people, i believe this mantra is essential. We all share a common goal: we all want to be happy!