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My first experience of yoga practice was in Poland, in an Iyengar yoga class with Renata Kobe. Later I studied Graphic Design in Ireland and during the last year of the course I started practicing hatha-vinyasa yoga with David Curtis. The same year I began practicing meditation and studying Buddhist philosophy with a curiosity to deepen my inner exploration.

My first contact with Barcelona was practicing vipassana in Dharma Neru, where I found a healthy rhythm that brought me once again to yoga classes. Since then I have practiced with Angelo Cecchi (hatha-vinyasa & Iyengar) and Tiago Rocha (hatha-vinyasa & AcroYoga). Learning continues to be important to me and I completed my teacher training in hatha-vinyasa yoga in 2013 with Amelie Strecker and Rocio Ramos. For around two years my practice has been mostly influenced by Simon Borg-Oliver (Synergy Yoga) and Shadow Yoga.

In my classes we work with body awareness and through it our inner strength. Postures are interconnected in a fluid way, without losing detail. I always seek to transmit my way of feeling in yoga, integrating different techniques to enrich the practice for all.

“Without error, without doubt, this is the dharma” Zen Koan




1. Why Yoga?

For me Yoga is a mirror. It is a continuous process of physical and mental development, self knowledge and motivation. It is a path in which you are willing to learn, fall, overcome your fears, and slowly find balance in your life… without judging anyone, especially yourself.

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:

1 heart full of love,
4 cups of patience and understanding,
1 big spoon of passion,
Infinite smiles
Art, experiments, humor, surprises and games to taste

3. The Garage is…

A “raw” space, where one can feel free and concentrate, like an art gallery. Its spaciousness and transparency, featured through light colours and fine wood, metal, glass, textures, a variety of elements that combine to create the magic of a “real” place.

4. What would you like students at the Garage to take with them after your class?

Happiness and wisdom

5. Your mantra of the moment:

Be Here Now