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Our Ashtanga teaches is pure energy. Her dedication and personal devotion to her practice comes thru in her classes. She is careful to teach us about every posture in detail and encourages us to explores beyond our limitations.

Her joyful and energetic personality are a key ingredient to the experience of practicing with her.

Vipassana meditation has been present in her life for many years, giving her profound knowledge and inner peace that she enjoys sharing with her students.

She is a certified Ashtanga Yoga and Rocked Yoga instructor and brings strength and stability to The Garage.

We are so happy to have you as a part of our team, Nina!


SMALL INTERVIEW WITH NINA: En sus propias palabras…

1.Why Yoga?
Because i fell in love with it and it showed me the source to a neverending creative energy within me.

2.Ingredients for a perfect day:

Waking up with the sun shining thru my window and taking a few minutes of silence to be thankful for another day in paradise, with health and energy to enjoy it….

3. Teaching is…

To share, to transmit and to inspire.

4. What would you like your students to take home with them?

Light and wisdom about their own lifes, thru connecting with their bodies, minds and spirits.

5.Your mantra of the moment:
“Count your blessings…”