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Wilmien Bos

Wilmien Bos


My first introduction to yoga was in 1997 in my home town of Johannesburg in South Africa. The first time I lied in Savasana, I knew that something magical just took place. I remember lying there thinking; this is what I want to do with my life! My plans at that moment however, were for other things like travelling, hedonism, arts and design. I came to Spain and lived in Barcelona and Ibiza, learnt Spanish and fell in love with the culture here. Back in those years I used to practice Sivananda yoga and Ashtanga, sporadically. After that I moved back to London in 2005. The seed that was planted lying in my first Savasana in Johannesburg finally came to sprout about ten years later in London!

For the past decade I have dedicated myself to studying, practicing and teaching yoga, as well as Chi Kung and meditation, and some other forms of martial arts like Muay Thai boxing. I feel very fortunate as I studied with some of the yoga world’s most renowned western teachers, such as Shiva Rea and Richard Freeman, amongst others. I completed my first teacher training in Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga in London and I continued my studies through further intensives and courses at Yogacampus. Now I am a Yoga Alliance UK RYT 500 registered teacher. Apart from my yoga studies I studied TaiJi Qi Gong (Chi Kung) with Gina Mela as well as co-developed a fusion fitness concept called Kickasana with former Muay Thai women’s world champion Sophie Pittaway. This combination of knowledge and experience inspired me to create One Flow in 2014, combining these ancient practices into a unified flow. Through serving these teachings One Flow set out to be a valuable resource for the wisdom, power, peace and capabilities of these practices and how they can positively affect our modern day quality of life.

My classes are built around varied and creative sequences of postures linked by the thread of the breath in a flowing style, sometimes interspersed with longer holds. Breath focus is integrated throughout the class helping to centre and quieten the mind. The class include Chi Kung standing sequences with a seasonal focus and seated and supine meditation.

1. Why Yoga?
Yoga makes me feel in union with my mind, body and emotions, my spirit and my soul. It is the only system that has consistenly supported me through the last decade of my life. The power, capacity and joy I expierience through yoga is unparalled and I feel endlessly dedicated to continue my practice and motivated to share these experiences with critical minds alike that want to find peace and healing in today’s complicated modern life. Yoga means ‘union’ and for me this has really been the case, it has bought my mind, body and soul into a unity, increasing my potential for change and giving me the tools to navigate through life, on and off the mat. I cannot be more grateful.

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:
Waking up next to the one I love in a beautiful location….
a leisurely long vibrant and healthy breakfast with delicious Coffee and a view….
Moving the body and playfully flowing through a practice of yoga for at least two hours… including building up some sweat…
a long and peaceful nature walk infused with smells and sounds of animals and nature, the beach or the mountain….
seeing some inspiring art…
a nourishing home cooked meal with loved ones…culinary delights with fine wine…
a long nights rest…
plus, the biggest luxury of all…Time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

3. The Garage is…
A beautiful light filled space with great vibrations. A space to unwind and let go. A space to flow. A space to feel and be creative. A space that creates positivity and beauty. A space of smiles and uplifting interactions.

4. What would you like students at the Garage to take with them after your class?
A sense deeper fulfilment, greater joy and peace. I hope that everyone who practice with me directly experiences the benefits and healing of these ancient practices so that it is applicable to their current life and a vehicle for positive change.

5. Your mantra of the moment:
“Be patient, the best things happen unexpectedly”
 “Movement is the best medicine”