1 class 15€
1st time 3 classes/7 days 20€
*promo August Pack x4 40€
*promo August Pack x6 50€
*promo August Pack x8 60€
*promo August Pack Unlimited 70€
Pack 5 classes (2months)* 65€
Pack 10 classes (4months)* 120€
Tropico Yoga&Brunch SAT 21 JUL** 28€

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Tropico Yoga&Brunch SAT 28 JUL** 28€

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The test voucher is for those who have never come to 1 regular class (rental mat included)
MAT: rent in the center 1 € / class (you can bring your own mat)
Prices 1xweek per month, 2xweek per month and unlimited start from the 1st of each month
1st time 3classes/7 days is for those who have never been to a regular class at The Garage

Tropico Yoga & Brunch
It is valid for classes on Saturdays at 9:30.
Includes yoga class + brunch after class on the same day.
Yoga & Brunch menu:
1 Tropical juice to choose:
- Pure Tropico (Papaya, pineapple and passion fruit)
- Watermelon Coconut Fresh Water (watermelon, coconut water and a touch of
- Oh, Caramba (Mango, guava and carambola)

2-Plate to choose:
Toast with avocado and sesame
Vegetarian Egg Benedict

3- Accompaniment to choose:
Chia pudding with toppings
Yogurt with homemade granola and fruit