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Yoga is our main activity, but there is place for a whole lot more at The Garage. Personal trainings, workshops, but also exhibitions and events. Please check our calendar to keep up to date with our sessions.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a jewel. The art of stopping and not doing anything else other than surrender into postures for a longer period of time. No forcing. No aligning. Only surrender… This very peaceful version of Yoga works on deep tissues, loosening the fascia , and placing us in a unique state of relaxation. We dearly recommend Yin Yoga for all of those who feel they are ” unable to stop” , for all ages and levels. Extra sweet when practiced at the end of the day, preparing us for a deeply restoring night…
Yin Yoga


The ability to flow, to connect, to find strength and energy. This is an energetic class that will help you transform your body and mind with conscience.
1 class 15€
1st time 3 classes/7 days 20€
*Offer 1xweek April 40€
*Offer 2xweek April 60€
*Offer Unlimited April 70€
TRIM 1xweek May-Jun-Jul 117€
TRIM 2xweek May-Jun-Jul 180€
TRIM Unlimited May-Jun-Jul 220€
Pack 5 classes (2months)* 65€
Pack 10 classes (4 months)* 120€

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Prices 1xweek per month, 2xweek per month and unlimited start from the 1st of each month

1st time 3classes/7 dyas is for those who have never been to a regular class at The Garage

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