Find the best version of you

breathe, move, feel…

Finca Serena: a magnificent setting

Enjoy more than 40 hectares of pristine Mediterranean countryside dotted with olive trees, cypresses, lavender bushes, lemon trees, pines and 10 hectares of vineyards bursting with autochthonous grapes: Callet, Prensal Blanc, Giró Ros and Monastrell, which, with time, will deliver their bounty. Here you’ll find a place where nature has been allowed to roam free, and where authentic local flavours shine through the simplest of foods grown on nearby farms and gardens. The experience is an anti-dote to busy lives, a healing balm intended to restore and rejuvenate body, spirit and mind.


A restorative environment

Mallorca has it all: wide-open vistas and dramatic mountain peaks, power sand beaches and soaring cliffs, unspoiled nature and blissful tranquillity, a cosmopolitan capital and lively, rural villages. These contrasts help us disconnect from our daily routine and reconnect with the best version of ourselves. So please join us on this yoga-led retreat for rest and recuperation, healthy cooking that’s full of surprises and, above all, the sheer pleasure of having reached the destination.


An opportunity to breathe, move and feel

This incredible four-night wellness yoga retreat is designed around a holistic concept that unites heart, body and soul. Taking a 360o approach we focus on the different dimensions of yoga, with dynamic movement that strengthens muscles and bones. Daily breathing and mindfulness practice enhance inner balance and calms the mind. Combined with vegetarian meals and lifestyle workshops that explore social connection, movement, meditation and self-development, we aim to return you to your daily routine with a more peaceful outlook – ready to greet the new season feeling calm, strong and invigorated.


A chance to nourish body and soul

Food is an intrinsic part of our overall health and wellbeing, and we are pride ourselves on using only fresh, locally-sourced, organic ingredients, some of which is grown in our own kitchen garden. The resulting cuisine is healthy, exciting and vibrant – brimming with natural Mediterranean flavours. We are fed in many ways, from the food choices we make to the relationships we cherish, and this retreat is a celebration of those fundamental aspects of well-being. Vegan and gluten-free options always available.


Breathe, movel, feel…Our Serena Yoga Retreat.

Join the experience and sign up for our four-night yoga retreat of wellness and inner calm. A unique experience built on a total holistic concept: heart, body and soul. Combining a 360º approach to yoga with healthy experiences around food, movement, meditation and self-development. Dynamic movements will help strengthen our muscles and bones. We will pay attention to our breathing, and practice mindfulness to improve inner balance and to learn how to calm the mind. All accompanied with vegetarian meals and interesting workshops that will allow you to return with a much more peaceful mind.


• Full board with a largely vegetarian menu based on local and seasonal products (options for vegan, celiac and other dietary needs).

• All non-alcoholic drinks included.

• Two classes of yoga per day, energising Vinyasa Yoga in the mornings, Restorative Yoga in the evenings.

• Daily, meditation session.

• One, energising chakra massage to improve physical, mental and spiritual health.

• Two optional workshops: smoothies and nutrition.
– All yoga equipment (mats, bolsters, belts and blocks).

Does not include flights, transfers, additional massages, or external activities such as bike rental, tours, etc .


Further information at Finca Serena Mallorca.