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Meet our team



Our Ashtanga teacher is pure energy. Her personal dedication to her practice make her classes extra special, teaching us each posture in detail and helping us to explore beyond our limitations.
Her lively and joyful personality are a very special ingredient that will intensify your experience on the mat.

Nina has practiced Vipassana meditation for many years, giving her a deep knowledge and inner peace that she is happy to share from a solid personal base.

A certified Ashtanga Yoga and Rocket Yoga teacher, Nina adds strength and stability to The Garage.

We are so happy to have you with us , Nina!

In her own words…

1. Why yoga?
I fell in love with Yoga and the practice showed me an infinite source of creative energy within me…

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:
Wake up in the morning with sunshine through the window and take a few minutes of silence to be thankful for another day in paradise full of energy and health.

3. Teaching is…
To share, to transmit & to inspire…

4.What would you like your students to take with them?
Bring more light and wisdom over their lives by connecting with their own bodies , mind and spirit.

5. Mantra of the moment:
“Count your blessing..”



Passionate about bodywork and movement, Veronica discovered Yoga during while she was pregnant and experienced a total shift of perspective.
Her first impulse was to start mobilizing energies with the Kundalini Yoga teaching course and Yoga for pregnancy. Her dedicated daily practice is influences by numerous courses of Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Learning is her daily motivation.
Her classes are based on the flow of Vinyasa, with brushstrokes of her personal experience throughout different places and disciplines.
Yoga is her vehicle towards herself and the world.
She created The Garage to learn by sharing and here she feels truly HAPPY!

in her own words…

1.Why Yoga?
Because I fell in love with it and I never get tired of learning more about it and it is constantly showing me new paths.
Because it creates harmony between body and mind.

2.Ingredients for a perfect day:
Sun. nature. laughter. healthy food. LOVE. yoga . PRESENCE.

3. Dar clases es…
A very unique gift.

4.What would you like your students to take with them?
A sweet smile and the connection with a place of inner wellbeing.

5.Your mantra of the moment:
You are the creator of your own reality.


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Elise is the voice who answers your questions and the sweet face that welcomes you at The Garage. In charge or organization and administration, Elise is a unique balance of a practical mind and a creative soul that expresses itself generously.
She has longtime experience in contemporary dance and is a dedicated yogi, motivated by learning more every single day in everything she does.
Elise loves her work, and she has quickly become a key piece for us.
We are grateful that you are a part of the soul of The Garage, Elise!

in her own words…

1. Why Yoga?
In the beginning it was a stress relieving tool. Now, besides easing physical tension, my practice has become a privileged personal space with myself. It is the door to my own inner world.

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:
Sunshine. Rain and wind which make me feel alive.
Watching my plants grow.
Having a laugh about the absurd and myself.
Sharing moments of eternity.

3. The Garage is…
A shared dream, a versatile space. An adventure filled with challenges.

4. What would you like people to take home after visiting The Garage?
A peaceful sigh and the desire to make this space their sanctuary.

5. Your mantra of the moment:
The goal is the path.



Our Yin Yoga teacher was born in Germany . Her passion for travel and nature have turned her into a world citizen who has taken her practice with her all over the planet.

A certified Yoga teacher, Katy shares her sweetest and most dedicated side with us thru Yin Yoga classes. Her sessions are a true voyage within , sustained by her knowledge and serenity.

It is a real pleasure to have you on board, Katy!

1.Why Yoga?

Because it connects me with my own essence and has helped me a lot to find my personal and professional path.

2. Ingredients for a perfect day:

A nice Yoga practice followed by a great natural juice in the morning, many laughters, a trip into the mountains and a lovely vegetarian meal with my loved ones to finish the day.

3. Teaching class is…

Connecting, breathing, experimenting, feeling and observing togehter with my students.

4. What would you like the people in your class to take home with them?

To me, Yoga is not just a physical practice. The asanas (postures) are one Yogas tools (like breathing and meditation) that help us to achieve what Yoga truly means:

connecting with oneself, self knowledge, self awareness and consciousness towards what is around you (nature, realtionships,… ) , balance and happiness…

That´s what I would like my students to take home .

5. Your mantra of the moment:

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

In these times of difficulty for many people, i believe this mantra is essential. We all share a common goal: we all want to be happy!