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Opening The Garage


So we got our friends together to celebrate The Garage on the 9th of July… and it was a very sweet day. My two very special friends and long time work companions Martina Klein and Judit Mascó came to stand by my side for this very special occasion. What a luxury


The class I thought to a great group of bloggers and friends was fun , sweet, and another proof of the special vibe we enjoy here at The Garage. Thanks ladies!


To round off this very special occasion, we had the great honor of receiving a collection from Manuel Outumuro, the grand maestro to exhibit on our walls. “My Generation” is the title of these 17 portraits of some of the great models of the nineties, my own personal generation. In a great act of magic, Manuel managed to bring my companions and friends to my party! Sweetness all around.


The afternoon went by smoothly, a lovely get-together that i experienced like an happy bride , hugging her guests in peaceful excitement.


The Garage had its celebration , it´s full of energy and ready to start taking its first steps!!!