Vinyasa Krama

Ashtanga yoga § Chandra Krama

In these classes, we will work on sequences adapted on the Ashtanga primary series, learning in a safe and relaxed manner the basic principles of the “Vinyasa” practice and work with a proper breathing. The level will be adapted to the group, adding different variations for each practitioner according to their level and consistency with the classes.

Twice a month, we will practice Chandra Krama (or the Sequence of the Moon). This sequence was designed by Matthew Sweeney, is a fluid sequence of restorative and therapeutic vinyasa that works as a complement to the practice of Ashtanga primary series. Originally created for the times around Full moon and new moon when our energy can be particularly low so you can avoid injury or strain.

Alternating this kind of practice with the Ashtanga vinyasa sequences or any more dynamic yoga practice, you will get multiple physical benefits, in addition to the development of a greater sensitivity towards the cyclic changes of the body and mind.