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Women’s Healing Intensive with Bee Bosnak*

Women’s Healing Intensive with Bee Bosnak*

Sunday, June 23
Bee Bosnak

Are you ready for a day of internal observation?

To hit the pause button and flow with more clarity, wisdom and wholeheartedness? Are you prepared to do the work necessary to access the profound information that sits in the basement of your psyche? In this transformational intensive, you will immerse yourself in various healing modalities from yoga, meditation, breath-work, shadow-work, yoga-nidra, story telling, sound healing and more.

You will explore your psychological history through guided trance journeys and connect deeply with sacred community of women as well as your divine femininity. This immersion is for women who are looking for self-reflection and a keen interest in investigating the physical and emotional stability of the human condition.


Bee is the creator of Heal Yourself, a comprehensive yoga system designed to enhance the capacity of the emotional body while exploring the strength of the physical body. Availing herself to continuous philosophical, spiritual and physical education from various disciplines, she weaves thought provoking messages throughout her classes.

She applies the ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way that will not only connect one back to themselves, but also the universe at large. She encourages her students to find a deeper connection with their body and feel empowered to live life gracefully on all levels.

She uses the physical body as a medium to the only thing she believes this practice is invested in; the ability and the art of letting go.

Born in Turkey, grew up in England, and having spent many years in LA, Bee currently lives in NYC. She holds a 500hr certification through The Kaivalya Yoga Method, in addition to various trainings from Yoga Medicine and Yoga Tune Up®. She is also a dedicated Vipassana meditator in the lineage of S.N. Goenka.

Bee teaches a vast variety of yoga and meditation classes throughout NYC and merges methods of Jivamukti, Bhakti, Kundalini and Nada Yoga – sound. She leads heartfelt workshops and retreats worldwide. Her online classes can be found on www.oneoeight.com as well as upcoming retreats on www.beebosnak.com


This workshop is specially for women

Date: Sunday, June 23
Hours: 11h-14h & 16h-19h
Duration: 6h
Price: € 130
Workshop (Friday) + Intensive (Sunday) = € 180
Place: The Garage

INFO: hello@thegarageblume.com